Helping You To Build Your 'A'-Team

At LEAD GHANA, we support you in building the best team possible to achieve your goals!

In Ghana, we say we want to work together to build our nation and yet we often pull each other down. We even have a name for this – P.H.D.

In Ghana, we say we want to build our nation on the spirit of entrepreneurship and yet our upbringing and educational systems tend to discourage creativity, initiative and critical thinking as we drive everyone towards to conformity.

Is it any wonder many of us cannot tap into our full God-given potential to build our beloved nation?

At LEAD GHANA, we believe that Ghana can be great through teamwork inspired and guided by authentic Ghanaian leaders. Authentic leaders start by leading themselves.

In our work together with organizations undertaking leadership and cultural transformations, we’ve found that the best way to achieve an organization’s aspirations is to combine efforts that look outward with those that look inward. Linking strategic and systemic intervention to genuine self-discovery and self-development by leaders is a far better path to embracing the vision of the organization and to realizing its business goals. (Change Leader, Change Thyself. Mc Kinsey Consulting.)

Authentic leaders have undergone a growth process of their own and are qualified to help those around them to achieve greatness by tapping into their God-given potential. They bring developed individuals together in teams to achieve specific goals. 

Here are the details of some the services we offer leaders and their teams.

‘I found the feedback from our session very thorough and extremely helpful – I wish I had engaged you much earlier to observe me at work but better late than never!’Senior Executive, Ghana-Based International Law Firm

Services For Your Teams

Treat your team to an away day within Accra

Using practical exercises and games including lessons from football, we draw out practical lessons for everyday life. This service has given, many satisfied clients brought a practical understanding of what teamwork is and is not. 

‘If you are expecting the standard classroom type training, you are in for a pleasant surprise! The training session was professionally delivered with logistics well covered. Both our local office and our UK partners were extremely impressed!’ 
Head, International Business Network Organisation.

Have you got the right people in key positions?

We help you as a leader to uncover the key strengths of everyone on your team to determine if you have them in the right positions in your organization. We also help you interview new recruits to decide if they fit your culture and the positions each is applying for.

‘I think your findings are absolutely accurate. Prior to the results, I wondered and maybe even doubted that the questionnaire would be able to depict a true sense of who I am and my work style. But this has proved me wrong! Thank you.’

Lawyer, Corporate Commercial Division, International Law Firm Based In Ghana

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