Leadership Education For Team-Builders In Africa

At LEAD GHANA we are training a new generation of authentic leaders who understand Africa as a continent which is undergoing an exciting transition.
At LEAD GHANA we believe that Africans need to achieve a balance between offering our individual talents and missions to build the continent through free market economics whilst remaining connected to the larger fabric of a society based on a sense of community and democratic principles.

Here are the 5 Key traits of the authentic African leader.

1. An Understanding And Possession Of Self-Leadership
To lead others you need to first lead yourself and to do this, you need to know yourself. This involves a defining ourselves based on our intrinsic value out of which come my talents, gifts and calling. This is necessary in our current democratic and free market environment that requires the development of INDIVIDUAL potential.

2. An Understanding Of People (Soft Issues)
The authentic leader needs to have a DEEP understanding of culture, basic psychology and the role of personal, societal and global values on behaviour to make any real, lasting impact on her people. In Ghana, the leader needs to understand how our traditional upbringing and public education, in particular, have tended to discourage individual thinking leading to the low initiative and creativity shown by many employees in the formal workplace context.

3. An Understanding Of The Global Context In Which We Operate
The world is moving towards varying shades of democracy and a free market economic models. We now expect our citizens to no longer be a quiet part of the collective but to stand out and speak and develop their individual competencies. This is happening as people move from predominantly collectivist village societies with deep community spirit to more individualistic cities where people lose some positive traditional values. All these trends affect workplace productivity via your organization’s culture.

4. An Understanding Of Leadership And Teamwork
As servant leaders we build authority any time we serve and sacrifice for others. In meeting needs people WANT to follow us, they need not be coerced to do so.  The most effective way to achieve organizational/national development is to break down goals into a series of manageable projects run by effective teams. The beauty of teams is that, though they are a collective effort, it is a person’s very uniqueness that makes him or her valuable to a team.

5. An Ability To Create Other Leaders
With an understanding of all the above, the true African leader is expected to play a pivotal role in identifying and training other potential leaders in her care.

We are here at LEAD GHANA to support you to be a great leader – a developer of people and a builder of teams – whether you are a CEO, a pastor, a public official or a parent (the GREATEST leadership role of all!).

The Courses We Offer

Module 1: Understanding African Culture And Identity

We provide a lively and often humourous look at The 5 Soft Issues Challenges Of Ghanaian Society and how these have serious repercussions for organisational and national productivity. These factors, which need to be understood and dealt with, can be the difference between the success or the failure of leaders and their organisations.

This practical training module shows you how to work with different mindsets to create an organisational culture that is calculated to offset some counter-productive aspects of the wider societal culture. This includes rewarding certain behaviours and discouraging others as we achieve cultural buy-in by all team members.

Module 2: Becoming A Culturally Sensitive Leader

If your key personnel are holding themselves back because they do not want to be targeted and pulled down, do not want to say ‘no’ to tasks they really can’t handle or do not speak up in meetings, then your organisation is losing out. We need to help those in our care to understand why certain mindsets need to be changed, how they can be changed and how change will work for them.

Using our very own L.E.A.D.E.R,S.H.I.P. model, we help you understand the qualities of a leader, the methods we can use to get to where we need to be and the culture we need to create in our organisations. Our Counselling Based Education (CBE) model is an essential tools for leaders who want to have a transformational effect on the lives of those in their care.

Module 3: Building Great African Teams

As Africans, we have a collective mentality – we stick together to face the harsh realities of life. However, we will often undermine others if we think doing so will increase our own chances of success. This is not teamwork. Teams stick together to achieve their goals whilst allowing individuals within the team to shine.

As every football fan knows, teamwork is vital for success. Great teams are made up of great individuals led by great leaders who know and understand both their team members and the team’s goals. Team leaders understand the roles of both the wider societal culture and the organisation’s internal culture in team success. They emphasize trust, communication and fairness.

Our ADVANCED COURSE covers all the three modules outlined above in-depth and our BASIC COURSE is a speed course covering highlights of all the three modules. Here are comments from past clients:

“This program offers great insight to the grassroots problems which prevent the emergence of more, tangible leaders in Ghana.”

“As a non-Ghanaian, I thought this was beautifully structured and very well presented. Examples were very illustrative. Thank you!”

“I loved the ‘inside out’ and ‘outside in’ part – if someone had told me that when I first went to Ghana to work in the 1980s it would have helped me a lot!”

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