LEAD GHANA is the brainchild of Seth Tandoh and his team. Seth says:

My passion is people and helping them to be their best. I have always been fascinated by how people behave and interact, particularly in groups, and how culture is affected by, and affects, human behaviour. Being of African/European parentage helps me to look at issues of development from many sides. I believe that Ghanaians are smart people trapped in dumb systems. Many of us who travel to other lands, thrive in cultures that are less constraining than ours. I try to discover why this is so. seth@leadghana.org

Here are some key articles written by Seth Tandoh on the topics of culture and identity in Africa.

There are MANY positive aspects of our culture to treasure and promote. However some aspects of the social systems we have in Ghana, principally our upbringing and education, seem designed to dumb down the individual’s intelligence – intelligence we know exists because when the same Ghanaian is taken to another society/culture, he or she often excels.

Here, I isolate 5 key soft issues (beliefs, attitudes and behaviours) we value that suppress the potential of Ghanaians who often travel to other societies and thrive!

We Africans have chosen, traditionally, to define ourselves based on external relationships. I am who I am based on whom I know and my position in society. We define ourselves not so much from an understanding of who we are based on our inherent talents, gifts, personality, passions, nor on an intimate, personal, spiritual relationship with God, but from an outward association with others, especially the more prominent in society. We tend to believe that we belong to others, from relatives through to the wider society, hence our people-pleasing tendencies.

The beauty of teams is that though they are a collective effort, individual uniqueness and expression is not only encouraged and rewarded, it is essential – it is a person’s very uniqueness that makes him valuable to a team.The better the individual performance is the greater the collective effort as long as all eyes are on the same shared goal under sound leadership. Teams are the building blocks of an organization and TRUE teams counteract the negative aspects of Ghanaian/African culture: