“As leaders in Africa, if we really want to make a meaningful impact on the lives of others then we need to understand WHY Africans do what they do. It is only when we take the time and effort to understand African culture that our leadership can have a deep and lasting impact.”

A Different Perspective On Africa

Are you facing the same obstacles, the same attitudes, the same counter-productive practices with your projects and teams in Ghana? It is time to look at the challenges from a different perspective.
At LEAD GHANA, our aims are clear and straightforward.
We help leaders in Africa to understand who the African is.
We help leaders in Africa to build teams.
We do these based on an understanding of people and the cultural context in which we all operate.

Development is not just about politics or economics; it is about culture, identity and our social systems. It is about people’s attitudes, beliefs and behaviours. It is about what we reward, what we tolerate, what we encourage and what we discourage. In Ghana, where the practice of undermining others is prevalent (we even have a name for it – P.H.D. Pull Him Down), few people will want to stand up and take the lead.

At LEAD GHANA, we work with emerging leaders and teams to build an understanding of African culture, identity and social systems, highlighting the leadership opportunities and challenges that these present. 

It is only when we understand where we are coming from and where we are now that we can build a bridge to the future that we desire for ourselves. Every journey requires leaders – people who understand the times, the people and the culture. These include parents, teachers, religious leaders and politicians. Training such leaders is the mission of the LEAD GHANA project.

We provide services which help clients to solve an immediate problem or meet an immediate need, and courses which equip the leader with in-depth knowledge to face leadership opportunists and challenges.AtA

Our Services

As leaders in Africa, we need to understand how African culture both encourages and discourages individual or organisational productivity. We need to guide those in our care to move away from certain traditional mindsets that made sense in the past in communities based on barter systems and adopt the mindsets required to build modern free-market and democratic African economies. 

We Africans favour a collective approach to life. Our identity often comes from the groups we belong to rather than from a deep understanding of our own individual uniqueness. We need to help those in our care to distinguish between cultural practices that merely pressure us to conform and genuine team work which involves specialists working together to achieve specific goals.  

Our Courses

Do you want to understand more about African culture and identity? Do you want to understand why we do what we do? Would you like to know why teamwork is the best response to our negative cultural practices holding our continent back? If so, you are in the right place! Join our PRACTICAL, INTERACTIVE courses.

Don’t have time for a long course? 

Our courses are available in a Basic option covering a few hours or an Advanced option covering several weeks.

‘If you are expecting the standard classroom type training you are in for a pleasant surprise! The training session was professionally delivered with logistics well covered. Both our local office and our UK partners were extremely impressed!’ 

Head, International Business Network Organisation.

At LEAD GHANA we believe that any project in Africa that does not take cultural factors into consideration, will have limited, long-term success. Africans in general have an externally referenced identity: we define ourselves by clan, family status, political association and religious affiliations partly because our often turbulent history of natural disasters and man-made turmoil have caused us to value ‘sticking together’.  Today, capitalism and democracy are moving Africans towards a more individualistic, internally referenced identity – I am who I am based on my individual voice and my unique, inherent skills. 

At LEAD GHANA we help clients to understand capitalism and democracy using simple language and exercises. We then explore areas of our upbringing and education that work for and against our effective participation in these systems as we equip our clients with the mental skills and the confidence to engage in  the modern African economy.

At LEAD GHANA, we train tomorrow's leaders today.

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