Why Formal Education Is Not Enough

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We go to school and hopefully end up on a career path that is reflective of our God-given talents. This is self-development. But if we truly want to build the private sector as an engine for national growth in Ghana, then we need to understand that we require people who have much more than academic qualifications — we need people who know themselves and can lead themselves. This self-leadership is much harder to acquire than school certifications and your process of hiring people to your team needs to take this into consideration.

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Employers are looking for people who can think analytically and can lead themselves by showing initiative and creativity. These skills are also vital for self-employment — the much lauded driver of the private sector we say we wish to develop as a continent. These self-leadership skills require counseling, training and coaching individuals. As parents, industry leaders, church leaders and mentors in all walks of life, we need to be conscious of how we are encouraging or suppressing these traits in our wards.

A footnote..
Some of us leaders feel insecure about developing our staff beyond a certain point thinking they will outshine us but if we have the right motives for setting up an organization then the more competent our staff is the more competent we appear as leaders.

It takes a lot of confidence and security to be a leader. Insecure leaders who are threatened by the success of those around them end up destroying their organizations and themselves. You will have a far easier life when you develop your people so that the leadership burden is shared with competent people who can make decisions on your behalf as you all grow together.

We spend much of our lives in the workplace; it needs to be rewarding in terms of helping us to grow and progress in life because if one of us progresses so do we all!

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