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Often the times change but no deliberate attempt is made to change the culture.

Here is an example.

In the old village set up in Africa where no money existed, in the world of barter agreements, the practice of interdependency was necessary and was greatly valued (it still is in many rural areas). Everyone had IOUs with each other. When money came along it represented an independent symbol of what was owed to whom and dependency was less necessary. Fast forward to the Western style metropolis and the whole exchange of goods and services has been almost totally depersonalized. If you have the money you can buy from anyone. In this case, over-depending on others may actually hold back your progress in life. This is not to say that the independence money brings is entirely beneficial. To the extreme we have the situation in many Western countries where the idea of community is threatened.

What does your organisation do to help your staff navigate this new world? Capitalism and democracy call for different skills from much of traditional African society. How are you helping individual employees in your organisation to be their best in order to increase their productivity in today’s Africa?

Our training programs at LEAD GHANA address these issues.

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