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There at least three factors that help make a great team.

1. The culture of your organization: as leaders do we say that we encourage others but criticize most of what they do in an effort to keep them ‘humble’?

2. How well team members have been trained: do our staff feel secure in their jobs and put in their best because each person knows his or her role and has been effectively trained to fulfill it or are they threatened by the success of others and try to pull them down?

3. Your leadership: for example, unfortunately, many leaders pay lip service to fostering collaboration but then they listen to gossip about others and make decisions based on what is told to them about other staff.

If great teams are made up of great individuals then training is needed to enable each of your staff members to discover his or her areas of expertise and build on them – see People.

The Opposite of Team Work
Ghanaians instinctively feel the urge to work together but the fact that we often do not know ourselves is a problem. We are not confident in what we have to offer, often we have not be trained. As a result we are easily threatened by others who seem to have got their act together and are making progress. Then we start to pull them down – the very opposite of team work!

Due to poor leadership much of Ghanaians’ hard work is inefficient or wasted. We exert ourselves in our own individual corners but there is no real leader with a vision to unify all these efforts into a singular mission we have agreed upon to move us forward. Soon we give up. As a one leader in Ghana has said: ‘we Ghanaians need to learn how to work SMART not just hard.’

An organization which has a culture that not only makes team work safe but actively encourages it can move mountains! As a leader it is important to deliberately create a team culture that supports both individuality and collective effort.

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