"African workers are, for the most part, chronically under-trained and yet they are expected to step up to the modern workplace and show initiative, creativity and analytical thinking when traditionally these very traits have been discouraged both at home and at school!" Seth Tandoh

Modern African organisations, from government through to the private sector, need to take a ‘total person perspective’ to human resource development if they are serious about increasing productivity. This needs to be done in keeping with positive traditional African values.

At Lead Ghana (LGH) we provide practical culturally sensitive leadership and team training for African leaders and organisations.

Lead Ghana (LGH) is an initiative based on the principle that leading others requires you to first lead yourself. We believe in discovering and developing our talents and our missions in order to serve others.

A leader is a bridge between his or her people and their greatness.

Shaping Culture

Nice plaques speak about what an organization’s culture SHOULD be but the reality is very different. We can help you to design a winning culture based on understanding WHY you do what you do and HOW you plan to do it.

Developing People

In the winning organization all the staff know their talents and passions and are allowed to use them in the attainment of team goals. This requires smart leadership and an all inclusive culture where people grow.

Building Teams

Teams may be a collective effort but, in order for teams to be effective, individual uniqueness and expression needs to be encouraged and rewarded. It is a person’s very uniqueness that makes him or her valuable to a team.
'I found the feedback from our session very thorough and extremely helpful - I wish I had engaged you much earlier to observe me at work but better late than never!'


‘If you are expecting the standard classroom type training you are in for a pleasant surprise! The training session was professionally delivered with logistics well covered. Both our local office and our UK partners were extremely impressed!'

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