Solving An African Riddle

Why is it that many Africans excel in the West but fail to shine at home? Why is it that when you take Ghanaians abroad we often surpass the efforts of many people in their own lands, even to the point of becoming leaders, yet in our own country many of us fail to make an impact?  

Leadership coach Seth Tandoh, author of Smart People Trapped In Dumb Systems, examines the soft issues of Ghanaian society, such as our valued beliefs, attitudes and behaviours, and their often-overlooked role in the nation’s developmental agenda as we adopt Western models of democracy and free market enterprise. 

Seth argues that one of the major, hidden reasons that many African countries often under-perform is that the individualistic mindset required for free enterprise and participatory governance is often in direct conflict with the way we Africans traditionally favour a collective approach to life. The result is nothing less than an African identity crisis. Seth contends that until we deal with this ‘elephant in the back seat’ of our developmental airplane it will be hard for Africa as a whole to truly take off.

A New Type Of African Leader

A new type of leader, the authentic African leader, is required to guide us to simultaneously retain the best of our African-ness and equip us to engage in the world economy to ensure substantial, long-term economic gains for the continent. Training such leaders is the mission of LEAD GHANA.

With LEAD GHANA, Seth and his team provide easy to use, tried and tested models for today’s African leaders. Seth looks to the football pitch for a model of organising people for development which brings talented individuals together to work in teams towards common goals.

LEAD GHANA is packed with deep and refreshing insight and practical tools for African leaders at all levels of society who wish to contribute meaningfully to the long-term growth of Africa in the most fundamental way – by investing in people.

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A Leader Is A Bridge Between People And Their Greatness
A leader is a bridge between people and their greatness.

The Services We Offer:



Using practical, interactive training with role play and observation of clients in their work-space, we help leaders understand the realities of how African culture encourages or discourages organisational productivity. We can then factor these realities into the day-to-day running of  our organisations.



The smart African leader needs to help those in his or her care to understand why certain mindsets need to be changed, how they can be changed and how change will work for rather than against them. These individuals then become the building blocks for great African teams.



The smart leader in Africa knows how to distinguish between cultural practices that simply encourage us to fall in line with the collective, and true teamwork which involves specialists working together towards a specific, predefined goal. Teams are the lifeblood of any great organisation.

There are MANY positive aspects of our culture to treasure and promote. However, some aspects of the social systems we have in Ghana, principally our upbringing and education, seem designed to dumb down the individual’s intelligence – intelligence we know exists because when the same Ghanaian is taken to another society/culture, he or she often excels. 

Seth Tandoh highlights 5 key soft issues (beliefs, attitudes and behaviours) we value that often suppress our potential. MORE