A Leader Is A Bridge Between People And Their Greatness.

In Africa today, a new kind of leader who is culturally aware is needed to guide us as we adopt Western political and economic models. 
Many have tried to transpose leadership models wholesale from other cultures onto Africa with mixed results. At LEAD GHANA we do things differently. We take the best of Ghanaian and African practices, combine it with proven leadership principles and generate programs to help both national and international leaders and teams in Africa to increase productivity and achieve goals. 
The most successful leaders in Ghana bring out the best in their people by working with, not against, cultural values. These leaders ask: ‘What is in the culture that will help or hinder the attainment of the goals we have set as a team?’
Welcome to a new way of thinking about leadership on the continent of Africa. 
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A Leader Is A Bridge Between People And Their Greatness

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