A Leader Is A Bridge Between People And Their Greatness

A Leader Is A Bridge Between People And Their Greatness.

 Want to lead a solid team of confident people who are passionate about what they do?
We will help you build your ‘dream team’.
At LEAD GHANA our training programs are based on extensive research into African culture and how it influences the way we practice democracy, leadership and free-market economics. 
We help build the leadership traits of initiative, creativity and critical thinking among your workforce. These are traits that our upbringing and education in Africa often discourage in the pursuit of conformity.
We promote an understanding of how true team work, under sound leadership, builds on our positive African values and helps to counteract certain negative and divisive cultural practices. 
LEAD GHANA is an initiative of Seth Tandoh.

Some Of The Services We Offer :


One-on-one counseling and coaching are great ways to sharpen skills and talents. We can also provide you with valuable feedback on your work style.

Personality Tests

Helping individuals to identify their passions, their strengths and their weaknesses makes for all round increases in productivity and greater cooperation.


Getting the right person for the job is essential and standard interviews no longer work. We have specialized tests to check for a perfect fit.

Public Speaking

We take clients from where public speaking is one of their greatest fears to where becoming confident in presenting becomes one of their greatest joys!

Team Building

Africans are often put together in groups that lack true team dynamics. We explore what real team work entails and how it can truly work for you.

Away Days

Get out of the office for some fun and adventures with tasks and games that look simple but have a great deal to teach about leadership and teamwork.

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